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About Us

The Bible Museum wants to be a bridge in order to link nowadays's people to the biblical times. Through Bibles and through exhibited pieces, connected to biblical era, we would like to make the message of the old text real. The museum would like to raise the interest towards the word of God in order to help those who are interested in understanding the Bible better, to help others to be oriented in the world of Bible and to accept the Bible as the Word of God.

The aim of the Bible Museum is to be a place where the Bible comes alive, the past comes closer and the future became clear. The exhibition presents the Bible’s diversity in space and time.

Among the exhibited items original, rare specimens can be seen and also a copy issues. The unobtainable unique and important items can be seen through photos and plackards in the museum.

By examining the exhibited items we can wander through the history and visit biblical era. We can rewiev the develpment of the national languages and get acquainted with different languages and writings.

Currently 600 exhibited pieces can be seen in the museum and the collection is continually increasing. There are Holy Scripture or its parts in more than 85 languages. There are also practical tools, weapons and money.

For reaching the goals mentioned above please pray for this initiative, if you have a forgotten Bible you don’t use, please offer it to the museum. We undertake that we preserve the offerings, we present it to the public so it fulfills mission target too. If you are willing to offer something for the museum please let us know one of the following contacts. We welcome financial support as well.